Creation Myth Story

In the beginning were all things.

Colours and sounds were as worms which intermingled giving the potential for form and focus; shades and movement;  and voices whispered and roared.

Metal and earth coexisted in the space that contained sky, and water surrounded both .Bone coloured calcium, silver and platinum, iron and steel and gold and every other metal floated in specks on the fluid surface, as oil on water.

Light and darkness too shared the same space, sometimes the one dominating the other in a timeless turmoil.

All things were bound together and held in place by unseen and unknowable forces.

At the very core of all of these were the forces of Nature and Reason. Nature tended to the darkness and Reason to the light.

They were once as one but at some time divided. They decided to set loose the elements held by unseen forces and at once began a war to establish the supremacy of their beings.

Nature declared that the new cosmos should be allowed to form freely with no influence from either power. Reason declared that an order be established to allow understanding .

They argue still; some say we hear them in dark echoes of thunder and see their anger and tears in what follows.





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