The Actor

The Actor



I only want you,

And want you more, each time,

I know you’re with the one,

Who plays my old mime.


That’s why I stalk the streets at night,

Half knowing what I seek,

Half caring what I’ll reap,

In small,dirty buildings,

Festooned with neon lights.


Latex love, in humid rooms,

And cloying scents,

Attained with  fumes,

From frustrated love.


She looks and tastes,

Of nothing like you,

And moans,

In a well rehearsed routine;

She aims to bring me closer,

To another empty climax…

I screw shut my eyes and close my nostrils too,

And in my mind I bring you, once more, to a shared heaven,

Until my outburst, invites the truth,

And eyes that never met,

Contemplate the value,

Of the money we exchanged.


I dress and leave,

More naked than I was before,

And wonder if it’s worse to be,

The actor or the whore.


By Shay Ryan


2 Responses to The Actor

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is really moving Shay,


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