Dancing Man

Red and green and yellow too

Auburn purple violet hue

Flames lick dance on orange suit

Dancing man – replete – I’m you

A cage for you a gauge I feel

A hand a torch and then you’re free

To burn and melt for all to see

You end beneath a deep concrete

I click I rage I see you burn

I raise the volume by a turn

You kneel and peel

You fall you fell

You filled my eyes

And heart and thighs

Beneath dry clouds in

In god filled skies

It’s some years now

Since I got spiked

And slept watched by a dancing man

I saw him through my sleeping lids

His rhythm shaped nocturnal bids

Where I was woken for a while

Then sank back down in lazy style

He danced upon my memory

And dances now to see the free

He watches as they draw like sheep

Respectful mentors culture steeped

Orwell wrote in simple terms

Dead men know earth covers worms

Live men know that puddles soak

But fools like us prefer bespoke

And tailored answers to our prayers

Before we hang on branches yoked

Us people can’t be trusted yet

And deaths are counted in caught breath

In the wind


Is the dancing man…


About shaysky

I'm very intriguing - message me and you'll know - (thinks to himself, "that must be more interesting than the last 'about me' I left"!!) - Well, I'm not that interesting, hope you like what I've written and if you do like it, please feel free to make a comment.
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