You’re an Explosion

Original poem taken from a song I am currently writing.  It’s about that most wonderful of subjects, when a man loves a woman but finds it hard to let her know.  You’re an Explosion is a study in passing subtle hints I suppose!  Give it a read and let me know what you think.  Also, as with anything I write, please feel free to share it.  I entertain a dream that I will one day be scrolling the pages of one of my social network sites and see my own writing staring back at me!  Thanks in hope!


About shaysky

I'm very intriguing - message me and you'll know - (thinks to himself, "that must be more interesting than the last 'about me' I left"!!) - Well, I'm not that interesting, hope you like what I've written and if you do like it, please feel free to make a comment.
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