in a time of stasis

I write to simply,

sort a thought,

blunt though edgy,

‘Gang aft agley’*,

hewn and wrought,

a new panoply;


Helping to justify,

Patterned conditionally,

Worn alternately;


one eye always fixed to attack

one eye forever looking back.


by Shay Ryan

*Taken from Robert Burn’s poem “To a Mouse”.




12 Responses to in a time of stasis

  1. Brian Miller says:

    nice…those last two lines are like a cool mantra…
    and some fun rhyming and words that stretch me in between
    like the nod to burns as well…


  2. Gabriella says:

    Greatly expressed! I particularly like the closing couplet.


  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I guess to some extent, we all write poetics with a heavy dose of alacrity, for even though we are not at a mic, or at a pulpit, or on a soapbox, still the words will go forth like good soldiers, forward into a maze, answering a call, an ungodly howl off in the mists, and once dispatched, they cannot be recalled–so we salute them as they move out of our sphere, first onto a page, or a screen, & then whizz like demi-gods to Brisbane, Hiroshima, & Bummfukk, Egypt. God be with them, & may they serve us well.


  4. Ay, Bobby Burns and all. What a fine take on the prompt. I, like Brian, especially love the last two lines. Well done!


  5. othermary says:

    Yes, sorting thoughts. Well done.


  6. Oh yes… the simplicity of poetry.. yes that’s splendid


  7. Fun read, cool take on the prompt.


  8. Simply to sort a thought is all the reason we need to write…those last 2 lines are wonderful.


  9. I agree with Ronald. This is so interesting and the last two lines are awesome. 🙂


    • shaysky says:

      Thank you mishunderstood – those two lines seem to be really important to the whole poem – I quite like the emphatic finish to be honest but why do you think they are central to the reading of the poem as a whole? I’m curious to understand how those two lines are perceived and any feedback you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks again, Shay.


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