Green Eyes

Those eyes are green

with red tinged corners

and framed by black clouds

drifting southwards …


Sleep comes early

she rises nimbly

showers gently

dresses slowly …


free of his scent

her mind absent

she cooks breakfast

with no lament …


soft scrambled eggs

and burned toast

the way he likes it

and tea in a pot …


He smells the food

and moments later

at the table

he tastes her anger …


She checked his texts

the night before

and found the one

that make her weaken …


He sips his tea and pulls a face

but seconds later

on the floor

and breathless

feeling hot

he wonders

‘Is tea supposed to taste of almonds? …


Toast and eggs

With tea

And jealousy.

Revenge is a dish

Served hot some days.



2 Responses to Green Eyes

  1. How wicked I love the bit about the tea very clever, jealousy definitely brings out the darkness in us

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shaysky says:

    Thanks mindlovemisery -sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! I’ve read it back and I’m sure you know yourself, being a writer, the things you miss – I really like the way she washes off his scent -I think that’s powerful given what’s about to happen! Thanks for your comment and a happy Christmas to you and yours!


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