This is an excellent piece of work by ‘Words of Giants’ – give it a read!

Words of Giants

I’ve seen rebellion—
the visceral, spontaneous;
the bloody and the violent;
the rising wave of anger thrown
against the cold cement of god
in regimental white—

and it terrified me;

and I’ve seen opulence—
the golden-garbed and gluttonous;
the fake, the clean, the ignorant;
the ever-growing ooze of wealth
emitting from the shrinking few
that chance and time have blessed—

and it terrified me;

I’ve felt the fires of hate—
the horrifying violence;
the burning and the frozen cold;
the seething vision of a god
who feels no pain, and sees it not,
of victim or of soul—

and it terrified me;

I’ve felt the longing, too—
the comfort of the blindly held;
the beating heart, the tender lips;
the closeness and the comfort of
a friend that fends off nightmares when
I call out in the night—

and it terrifies me;

I’ve seen the shade of death,
on enemy…

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