I Click in Coventry

I click I click I click

And then it takes light

What, should it take,

An abstract love of flame?


Then I puff then you puff.

Don’t breathe too hard;

It’s Cov bound

In all it’s spheres.



I love I love and then I love this


I am from this place

And have been


I am Irish

I am English


I am from this clay bound dirty soil.


I love my Cathederal

And my Castle.

I love my dirty disappearing walls.


I love the things that I was taught about

And also things that I was not.

I love the people,

Who would have me not;

But more so those

Who love me.

Am I wrong here?


I love my place in this world,

I love my life,

I love the way I look to make it better.


I am the world inside you,

I am the Coventry Boy.


And for all that You think me wrong,

Hold my hand,

Be there to watch us better;

We are the same.


I left home with no spanner

Nor a wrench, ‘cept from my mother.

But the Coventry Boy has thought and purpose,

Ideas and dreams and crusted knuckles,

He puts them here for you,

And hopes that you will learn.


It was The Specials who first taught me

With a message for you Rudy.


 by Shay Ryan


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