A Seagull Thinks…

”This wind annoys me with its constant tickle

While down below those men use featherless wings

To bring food up to blunted beaks

And do other unseagull things.”


Below, a sea bass breaks through white capped waves

Wary eyes watch out for predators

The seagull dives and talons leave a scar.

The bass is safe and dives for now.


“I swim in cold seas all the time

I face the danger from above and

Dive to hide my scales and girth.

I hate the swell.

And of my birth?

It’s well that I can’t choose a berth

And place me in a nested hollow.

If I could fly I’d leave this place

And call my young so they could follow.

Spawn in freedom

Spawn in peace.

Let warmer airs

Give all ease.

I’d fly to yellow places

And let the sun dry my scales

Far from the deep”.



A man looked down.

He saw the spray of the sea.

He felt it brush against his face.

And knew at once

He’d never soar upon the wind

Nor dive beneath the waves.

He felt as if a million crying slaves

Had sent their invocation

While he, songless, midst the ocean,

Heard their cries, but no emotion

From the human range

Could salve his heart

And tears fell upon the

Salted fury.



Empty , and looking to the sky,

This man cursed all above him

And all below.

He cursed the wind that blew his hair

And flavoured each cigarette

With a salty air.


Empty still, he cried and


A seagull stiffened in the breeze,

Tickled by a rising draught.

A sea bass rode a wave and breasted freezing waters

As a broken hearted laugh



Like a constipated thought.


The headlines on the news that evening

Rated highly all recessions

But carried nought of the seagull

And nought of the bass

And nought of the clothes

Washed up on a beach

And nought of the thoughts

Which led to this pass.


by Shay Ryan










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