There’s No Accounting for Love

Heartache is a liability;

So I will enter on the credit side,

The hole that ever widens.


Experience is an asset…

So that goes on the left…

In a new T-account.

And underneath I will enter ‘bitterness’,

And a ‘well-worn sofa’,

A ‘microwave I didn’t want’,

And a ‘bath time loofah’.


The debtors control account:

On the left

A new amount

About ‘two years’

But on the right

The six months since you went.

Balance carried down

‘Eighteen months’.


We can put the twins in a capital account

With both our names

And balance out.

I am in doubt, though,

If that will happen,

So, in that case,

I will put them alongside the reference ‘drawings’

On the debit side

And not remove my name.


Later I will check the figures,

Recanting, recounting,

Before giving up;

There’s no accounting for love.



By Shay Ryan



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