Letting Go – a sonnet

A word or two whispered in a dark hallway

And packed bags strong armed in to a car boot.

The kid’s asleep, no point waking to say

He shouldn’t cry, he’d know the point was moot.

End of the journey and the price soon paid.

Packed bags dragging, snagging laughing at force.

Soon another door slams, despair upgrades,

Perspective gone completely at the source.

Cold dawn rising over packed bags resting

In the middle of a high rise courtyard.

Footsteps dragging, snagging, upwards, testing.

Breakfast smells which the swirling wind discards.

One last look to the concrete down below

Leaning out, a fine day for letting go.

by Shay Ryan – ‘Some Kind Of Love Poem – a sonnet’ – another poem by Shay Ryan




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